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Bacco Photography

It takes more than just work with a camera.

As a long-time automotive fabricator, food lover, and avid gardener, I've always had a passion for creativity. It was through documenting these passions that I discovered a new way to express myself through photography.

Creative Approach


From capturing the vibrant colors of flower and vegetable gardens to showcasing the intricate craftsmanship of an Italian supercar, I find joy in highlighting fine details. Even in photographing a breakfast sandwich, I strive to make it look almost too good to eat.


Photography has gifted me the ability to slow down and appreciate life's offerings. It's a reminder to savor the fleeting moments that we often overlook amidst our busy lives. Preserving these moments in timeless stories is what fuels my love for being a photographer.


Join me on this journey of exploration and celebration, where creativity meets the art of storytelling, to capture life's essence through my lens. Together, we'll create visual tales that endure for a lifetime.

Bacco photography
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